Computer Aided Drafting Schools – Degree Possibilities

There are numerous career training possibilities for those looking to gain the education needed for a career in computer aided drafting. Accredited vocational and trade schools as well as other training programs are available to provide the skills and knowledge needed to pursue a career in the field. Students can train for a variety of careers while learning to plan, create, and design various structures. Certificates are available in certain areas and computer aided drafting schools offer degree possibilities at the associate’s, bachelors, and masters level.

*Associate Degree

An accredited associate’s degree in computer aided drafting will give students the opportunity to gain the training needed to pursue an exciting career. Study at this level typically requires students to complete two years of training. Coursework will vary by school but may consist of courses like:

  • Civil Drafting
  • Mathematics
  • Architectural Design
  • Computer Applications
  • Drafting Standards

…and many other related course subjects. By gaining an accredited associates degree in the field students can prepare to enter the workforce or continue education at a bachelor’s degree level.

*Bachelor Degree

Students can earn an accredited bachelors degree in computer aided drafting by completing a four year educational program. Accredited schools can provide students with a number of skills in order to prepare them for their desired career. Curriculum will vary but may cover a variety of subjects like education in structural engineering, computer programming, computer graphics, visual basic, written communication and much more. Students who choose to earn a degree at this level will be ready to seek employment or obtain a masters degree in the field.

*Masters Degree

Educational programs are available to provide students with the chance to earn an accredited masters degree in computer aided drafting. Masters degree programs typically require an additional two years of study to complete. Students will be able to study a variety of subjects like:

  • Civil Drafting
  • Commercial Construction
  • Graphic Design
  • Mechanical Systems
  • Mechanical Design

…and other courses. By gaining an accredited masters level education students will be prepared to enter into the career of their dreams


Students can receive continuing education certificate in the field to enhance their skills and knowledge in certain areas. Students can gain a certificate in computer aided drafting by enrolling in an accredited continuing education course. Studies can include architectural drafting training, general design, and 3D design. Students can also learn mechanical engineering, electronic drafting, technical drawing, 2D design, and more. Continuing education certificates will give students the extra training they desire for their career.

Accrediting agencies like The National Association of Schools of Arts and Design ( ) are approved to fully accredit various educational programs. Students can receive the best quality education possible by enrolling in an accredited school or college. Requesting more information will provide students with the means to choose the program that’s right for them. Start training for the career of your choice by enrolling in an accredited computer aided drafting training program today.

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