Roku Digital Video Players

A Roku is a type of digital video player. Roku streams TV shows and movies from the Internet directly to your TV. Roku is simple to use and can be set-up in about 5 minutes. It does not require a PC.

Roku can access content from Hulu Plus, Amazon Video On Demand, Netflix, and many more sources. There is a nearly unlimited amount of media available through Roku. Roku also streams music and photos from the Internet. It can connect to the popular and free streaming music service Pandora. The advantage of streaming content is that there is no need to wait for the content to download. It is available instantly.

Roku comes in 3 different models ranging in price from about $60 to $100. All of the models play high-definition video, have HDMI output ports, and wireless Internet connectivity. The mid-priced model adds features such as wireless-n, 1080p video playback, and an instant replay feature on the remote control. The top of the line model includes all these features plus dual-band wireless, a USB port, and component video and optical audio connections.

Roku does not come with a HDMI cable, so most users will want to purchase that separately. Also, many of the best content sources require paid subscriptions. There are however many free content sources as well.

There are other products to consider in the digital video player space such as Boxee Box, Apple TV, and WD TV Live Plus. Boxee Box may offer the best user interface. Apple TV offers the best iTunes integration. WD TV Live Plus can serve media to other devices on the same network.

However, this Roku review has determined that Roku is the best digital video player on the market. It’s balance of features and price, as well as having 3 different models from which to choose, clearly make it the market leader.

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